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I just started Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7 and let me tell you they started the season with a BANG!

The Bad Batch has to be one of my favorite episodes on The Clone Wars series.

I always wondered if there were other sects of clones that were more of a command mindset or hybrid nature and this episode touches on that subject matter.

While trying to reclaim their production facility on Anaxes, Commander Cody and Captain Rex have a suspicion that the Separatists are possibly using a dead clone trooper (and their close friend, Echo) as a means to predict Republic battle plans. Cody and Rex decide to take a small force of clones behind enemy lines to try and do some intel. 

Clone Force 99 aka The Bad Batch is assigned to escort Cody and Rex in this endeavor.

The Bad Batch is exactly that, a rag tag group of modified clones that each have their own specialty and skill set.

I loved this episode so much for many reasons. This showed me there are different kinds of clones and I also feel throughout this episode it fleshed out even more how unique every clone is and the brothership they all have even in the face of their collective differences.

I can’t wait to see what the series in 2021, rumored to be coming out, centering on this unique group of unlikely clone heroes is like!

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