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The black cat is outta the bag! In mid Oct we will be moving a few doors down to 1027 Massachusetts St.

You can see below some of our progress on some new coffin bins / tables for the new shop!

With no end in site for the pandemic we felt one of the only ways we could insure proper social distancing (especially heading into the holiday season) was to find a slightly bigger spot.

We are excited about this for many reasons:

-More room for customers to spread out and social distance

-we will be able to add new sections and expand some of our sections like spawn, Harry Potter, marvel, clothes / shirts, etc

-this will also give us room to do more events once we weather the storm of the pandemic and can have gatherings.

-and for me personally, more behind the counter space for buying toys, be able to have a desk, and Lily Munster headquarters!

We are also going to use this move as a chance to bring in some fun new rugs, props, shelves, and more!

We promise we are going to keep the spirit of the store and hopefully just expand on the atmosphere we’ve created!

It’s a very weird time for us to be doing this as sales are obviously not what they were pre pandemic but we truly feel long term to keep everyone safe, this is the way we need to go.

We just ask that everyone be patient with us, help us along the way, and most of all, keep calm and buy toys 😀!

We love you guys so much and we know that we could not do this without all of you near and far.

This has been one of the hardest and most exhausting things we’ve ever dealt with.

It is so important to us to be able to keep all of you safe but yet maintain the soul of this crazy shop!

We will be posting a lot of updates along the way! We want to keep you all up to date and involved with this new chapter of 1313!

As always, big heavy metal hugs to you all! 


Terry, Liz, Lily, Salem, and Herman

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