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In Search of Darkness - A Journey into 80s Horror

If you love horror movies as much as me, you need to watch “In Search of Darkness” on Shudder!

This over 4 hour long worship of 1980s horror was such a pleasure to watch. I’ve powered through it 2 times now and I’m on my 3rd


It touches on so many classics like: The Company of Wolves, Critters, Pumpkinhead, Scanners, Motel Hell, The Blob, the Friday the 13th franchise, Basket Case, Society and so many others!

One thing I really enjoyed about this documentary is the way they presented the information. Why do we like horror movies? What was going on in the 80s to inspire such a great timeframe of films (one actress sites cocaine 😀). How and why a soundtrack was so important to many of the horror movies in the 80s.

They also break movies down by each year in the decade.

I know Fangoria / Gorezone was a huge influence on me in the 1980s and the film makers spent a nice little chunk in the film praising that publication. I feel a lot of films owe their success to Fangoria. I know I would have not heard of a lot of films if not for them.

Beyond how many amazing films were mentioned, there is a crazy amount of directors, actors, special effect teams, horror fans and countless others interviewed in the film.

Do yourself a favor, pop some popcorn, get a can of caffeine, dim the lights, and watch this rad flick!

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