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New Mutants Comic-Con@Home Trailer & updates

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

After four long years of waiting we may just finally see The New Mutants come to fruition after all. Recently it was announced that film would receive a wide release on August 28th. However, whether that is a theatrical release or virtual one still appear yet to have been determined. In addition, today it was announced that their would be a special panel at the virtual San Diego Comic-Con@Home on July 23 at 4PM CST. A new trailer (below) was just added to accompany the announcement. As for any new details surrounding the future of a potential franchise or the film potentially sharing any connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (even though Marvel has said its not happening) still nada. However, director Josh Boone has mentioned in the past that he envisioned The New Mutants as a trilogy, each exploring a different aspect of the horror genre. Of course, that was before Marvel purchased the rights to the characters from Fox. I guess only time will tell. Here's hoping.

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