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Happy Season 2: The Best Next Level Bonkers TV No One Watched

First things first, skip season one! I barely made it through the first season. Sure it was a great premise, and there were some great characters (ie. Sonny Sunshine), moments, and elements, but in the end it was tonally uneven, slow, and rather anti-climactic. So I had no desire whatsoever to watch the second season. But somehow, for some reason I thought, hey give it five minutes. And boy oh boy was I shocked from the get go! Happy season 2 is bonkers programming like you can never even imagine. The violence, gore, and ridiculous characterizations are so over-the-top. If you are a horror fan then you can expect Christmas early this year by treating yourself to this zany ride.

But beware this is not a children's show! In fact it might just be the most outrageously offensive body of content currently streaming on Netflix.

Before I get too far ahead of myself let me give you a quick recap of season one before I get into episode 1 of the second season. . Why, after all this time, you may be asking yourself? Just thank me later! In season one we meet our anti-hero Nick Sax played by Christopher Meloni. Sax is an alcoholic, a junky, a dead-beat dad, a disgraced former law enforcement officer, and a merc-for-hire. It's not long before Sax has a near death experience in a job gone wrong and when the paramedics revive him he begins seeing Happy. Happy is Sax's daughters imaginary friend. He's a little blue G-rated CGI unicorn voiced by none other than comic genius Patton Oswalt. Happy informs Sax that Hailey has been kidnapped and needs his help. So, the unlikely duo begin their journey. Along the way Sax and Happy navigate their way through a convoluted narrative riddled with nefarious conspiracies involving a children's television program, organized crime, and the Vatican church. The season wraps up with Sax and Happy rescuing his daughter with the major underlined villain getting away. HAPPY SEASON 2: EPISODE 1 (Recap/Review)

This season starts with a literal bang to the tune of exploding nuns and a mysterious antagonist disguised as a bunny rabbit wrapped head to toe in black wet leather or latex. I don't want to get too much into the details because I don't want to spoil the fun. Soon we met Sax again. This time Sax is struggling with maintaining his sobriety so that he can continue to be in involved in his daughter's life. Happy is there as well, but he's dealing with his own issues and feeling out of place and without purpose now that Hailey is too old for an imaginary friend.

Meanwhile, the dastardly and outrageously flamboyant child's television personality Sonny Shine is pitching to the Vatican his idea to "make Easter great again" (or M.E.G.A. as he refers to it). This pitch involves using the aforementioned psycho bunny to implement acts of terrorism to strike fear into people. All this, so that in turn Sonny can play the hero, and become the celebrity he deserves. At the same time that Sonny is attempting to control others, another one of last season's villains, a now incarcerated former mob-boss by the name Scaramucci, has become a broken shell of his former self. He's still plagued by the presence of his alter-ego, Mr. Blue (aka The Devil), and finds himself again at odds with Mr. Blue, who tries to use Scaramucci's body to escape imprisonment. Scaramucci knows that if Mr. Blue ever gets out of jail there's no end to the chaos he can ensue. But back to Nick Sax, and Happy. Without giving away too much, Sax finds himself in another pickle before the end of the episode. The insanity that results is as hilarious as it is twisted and disgusting. You'll have to watch for yourself. But know this, every episode to follow is a crazy fun ride. Just when you think they can't go any further, the show just keeps stepping up the craziness! We want to know what think. Do you agree/disagree? Sound off in the comments below! And be sure to give us a follow! More content to come soon. And thanks for taking the time to read.

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